Ship Your INFINITI to Canada

Importing INFINITI Vehicles from the US to Canada
Here are some important facts to consider:

  • It's Legal. Importing an INFINITI , new or used, purchased at an INFINITI dealership in the US, into Canada is perfectly legal in both countries.
  • It's Permitted by the Manufacturer. The INFINITI manufacturer specifically allows USA INFINITI Dealers to sell new INFINITI vehicles to Canadians. This is in contrast to the policies of many other manufacturers, who prohibit the sale of new/untitled vehicles from their US dealers for import into Canada. 

  • The Warranty is Perfectly ValidINFINITI vehicles sold in the USA have an excellent warranty, including a 4-year, 60,000 mile, limited "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.  This warranty is fully honored by INFINITI dealerships in Canada.
  • Recent Increase. The number of INFINITI vehicles being sold in the USA to Canadians for import into Canada has increased dramatically, primarily because of the recent increase in the value of the Canadian dollar.
  •  Many Canadians do it. Over the years, thousands of Canadians have purchased their INFINITI vehicles in the United States.  Hundreds here at INFINITI of Peoria.
  • At INFINITI of Peoria, we have long-standing successful experience with all of the documentation and equipment requirements of these transactions.  All of our Certified Internet Client Advisors have participated in Canadian transactions and our Management staff is truly expert in these matters.  We know exactly what we need to do, and we do it time after time.  We know exactly what you need to do, and we provide guidance to you in taking care of these details.

The bottom line is that for a long time, our Canadian customers have found this to be the best way to purchase their luxury cars compared to buying the same
INFINITI vehicle in Canada. The benefits go above and beyond any expense of transporting the vehicle, as well as Canada tariff & duties.
You, too, can take advantage of this.
Contact our Internet Desk for more information.  Feel free to discuss, without any obligation, what you want.  We will go through the all details with you.  You will be able to make a fully informed decision.

Ask us about:

Routine Documents needed at the Dealership                         Border Document Requirements
   - Insurance                                                                                - Timing of Documents Arrival
   - Payment Form                                                                         - Title / MSO
   - Forms of Identification                                                               - Recall Clearance Letter
   - Proof of Residency                                                                   - Bill of Sale                                
                                                                                                    - Compliance Label

Equipment Requirements
   - Daytime Running Lights
   - 8km/hr Bumpers
   - Vehicle Immobilizer Systems
   - Child Tether/Anchorage (LATCH System)

More detailed information is available at these websites?..

US Customs site regarding permanent exportation

Canadian Border Services site regarding importation

Canadian Government Admissibility List

INFINITI Canadian Website

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