Benefits of Leasing a Car at INFINITI of Peoria

Why lease an INFINITI car or SUV?

There are a number of car leasing benefits that are especially significant for those interested in luxury vehicles. Some of the most pertinent benefits include:

  • Monthly payments can be substantially lower
  • Little money owed upfront and zero-down leases available for qualified lessees
  • Pay less in taxes
  • Warranty protection is often still active
  • Less maintenance and repair due to fact that leased cars are newer

What are the benefits of leasing vs financing a car?

Technically, leasing is a form of financing. It is, however, very different from financing a car that you're going to purchase. Unlike purchasing, in which you'd own the car outright, leasing gives you the option to drive a vehicle for just a few years at low cost, and then decide if you want to turn it in or purchase it for a predetermined price.

Are there cons to leasing a car?

This depends on a number of factors, the first having to do with ownership. If you simply prefer to own a car, then leasing may not be ideal for you. Also, you may not make permanent customizations to a leased vehicle since it is not owned.

Another possible issue is excess wear and tear. Leased cars should be kept in excellent condition or additional fees could be charged. If you tend to keep your cars in good shape, you may have little to worry about. However, INFINITI of Peoria does offer MPP Lease Wear Coverage for a low cost and it offers up to $5,000 in protection.

Are there tax benefits when leasing an INFINITI for business?

Yes. It's possible that you may write off a portion of your lease payments as a business expense. For specifics, it's best to contact your personal tax consultant.

Can I get a long-term lease through INFINITI?

Yes. There are short- and long-term leases, with flexibility regarding the length of the term. If you lease an Infiniti at our dealership in Peoria, advisors can provide full details about your options.

What are the annual mileage restrictions?

You must calculate how many miles you drive before entering your lease, so that mileage can be properly factored into the cost. General mileage allowances range from 10,000 to 15,000 miles, but allowances can be adjusted.

What happens at the end of my car lease?

Along with thinking about whether you want to return your vehicle, purchase it or replace it with another leased car, you must also schedule a pre-return vehicle inspection. The inspection will be held outside of the dealership by an AIM, certified inspector. You'll have the option to make any necessary repairs before turning the car in. Lastly, you'll need to satisfy any fees and charges remaining at the end of your lease.

If you're interested in leasing an INFINITI Q50, Q60, QX70, QX80 or another luxury model among our lineup, visit INFINITI of Peoria to view inventory and learn about the latest lease offers available to Phoenix-area drivers.


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