How to Clean Leather Upholstery

2017 INFINITI QX50 interior

Taking excellent care of your vehicle’s leather seats is key to preserving their luxurious appearance. However, many car owners are unsure how to properly clean and maintain them! Whenever its time to freshen up your interior, be sure to follow the helpful tips below. If you don’t have time to do the cleaning yourself, you can always book a detailing appointment with our service center.

1. Start by vacuuming the seats

Regularly vacuuming your leather upholstery is one of the most important things you can do for your car. Built-up dirt particles and debris can dig deep into the surface of your seats, causing unsightly scrapes and scratches.

When vacuuming, make sure to go slow and use caution. If necessary, use attachments that have soft bristles. For small, hard-to-reach spots, you can also use an air compressor to blow out dirt.

2. Wipe down the surface

For this step, you’ll need to grab a microfiber towel and an automotive leather cleaner. Next, spray the towel with the cleaner and gently wipe down the seats. This will help remove accumulated grime before you start the deep-cleaning process.

Note: Before you use any cleaner on your leather seats, it’s a good practice to consult your INFINITI owner’s manual.

3. Use a brush for deep-cleaning

After you wipe that initial layer of dirt off of the seats, grab your cleaner and spray it directly on the seats. Next, grab a soft, leather-approved brush and carefully scrub down the seats. If you have perforated leather seats, spray the cleaner on the brush instead to avoid getting any liquid stuck in the holes.

4. Dry the seats

When you’re finished deep-cleaning the seats, wipe them down with a clean microfiber cloth. It’s okay if the cloth appears dirty afterwards—that means the cleaner did its job!

This process should be repeated at least three to four times a year. However, if your leather upholstery is tan or white, you may want to do it more often.

5. Apply a leather conditioner

As your leather upholstery starts to get older, it will start to lose its natural oils and dry out. The best way to combat this aging process is by conditioning your seats a few times a year, preferably after they have been cleaned. When you do go to condition your seats, make sure you use a quality product! Cheaper conditioners can make your seats look greasy or over-saturated.

Additionally, any time you use a new product, it’s suggested you perform a spot test first. After you verify that the product is safe to use, work a small, even amount over the seats with a foam pad or microfiber cloth. Give the product a few minutes to work its magic, then wipe off any excess conditioner with a clean cloth. Afterwards, double check to make sure that the entire surface has been conditioned, or you may end up with blotchy leather!

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